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Your players physical and mental health is at the core of your success as a team. Support their bodies and minds with Sport Yogi


The Sport Yogi resources has transformed my thinking and approach to cricket. Things like the separation between my self-worth and performance, using breathing to aid my preparation and my mid-game and post-game routines and most of all the value of being mindful and present when it comes to sporting performance.

James Bracey
England & Gloucestershire CCC

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Harness Stress & Anxiety

Improved recovery

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Improved performance

off field wellbeing

Harness Pressure

Two-way Benefits

For Athlete

  • Fewer injuries, more availability
  • Fewer aches, pains, tightness
  • More relaxed, on & off the field
  • Boosting of other physical training
  • Calm under pressure
  • Manage physical and emotional pain of injury & stress-related setbacks
  • More focus
  • Enhance sleep
  • Aid mental health
  • Overcome fear of failure

For Club

  • Caring for player/staff wellbeing
  • More players available
  • Happier, less stressed players
  • Added resource without a physical location
  • Improved performance in ‘clutch moments’
  • Physically stronger athletes
  • Mentally sharper athletes
  • Cost-effective solution

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Lower Anxiety.

Higher Confidence.


I’ve seen major improvements in my mobility and flexibility since I started working with the app on a daily basis. These improvements have translated into quicker times on my runs as well, I dropped a tenth of a second off my PB in the 100m and I know there is still room for more improvement. This helped me run a good leg in the 4x100m relay, which led our team to win gold at world relays!

It really pays when you are consistent with the app, I sincerely recommend it!

Gloria Hooper
Team Italy 100m & 4 x 100m

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This app has everything you need to properly look after your body to ease those aching days and prolong peak performance!


I’ve been working with young people in sport for over 10 years and the content in this app fills the void of mobility and suppleness exercise available that don’t ask the user to embark on a deeply spiritual journey.


A must-have app for anyone who competes in any sport at any level.


Having suffered back problems for a few years this app has really benefitted from managing the pain.


I’ve always wanted to stretch more and commit to recovery after gym/sport sessions. I’ve never been able to find the right place to guide me…UNTIL NOW


I’ve been so impressed with this app and have recommended it to all my professional athletics group.


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