With Athletes stressed, immobile and anxious. Get your athlete’s breathing, moving and thinking better.

Impacted by COVID-19?

We understand that COVID-19 has had a big impact on teams, clubs and athletes with not only the wellbeing of your athletes but funding as well.

Therefore we have launched an initiative to help support the wellbeing of your athletes while financially benefiting your team.

Why sign up to the program?

Recurring revenue

Earn back for your club/team with 30% commission on subscriptions.

Team wellbeing

Improving the mental wellbeing of your athletes using proven methods.

Boost performance

Improve flexibility, recovery, strength, focus and more with easy follow sessions.

Move better than before

Get your team moving better

Reduce injuries, improve recovery and performance with sessions based on flexibility, mobility and recovery to help lengthen, mobilise and relax those tight muscles.

Mindset is everything

Harness nerves and focus

Audio sessions to guide through challenges, anxieties and stresses, leaving athletes to feeling in control, calm and focused.

Breath Control

Take a breath

Breathing exercises to follow along to that allow athletes to get every inch out of your performance and recovery.

Tools at your fingertips

Anytime, Anywhere

Available on all devices to have with you at the gym, home or training facility.

Easy to understand

No jargon, or hard to understand language. Just easy, simple instructions.

Inspiration notifications

Receive daily notifications with inspiration for practice or a reminder to get started.


All abilities

Find exactly what you want from categories, sport, body parts and timing


Log your progress

Track how many days in a row you commit to your practice, recovery and wellbeing.

Cancel anytime

Not getting on with it. That’s ok. You can cancel your subscription at any time. 


Your organisation gets 30% back for every member that signs up to the app through your program.

The more of your team that sign up the more you get back.

It’s that simple.

Seem too good to be true?

Built from Lewis’ philosophy of building a better world for athletes of all levels. This scheme is designed to give back to those in the world of sport that are trying to make a difference in their communities. Not only to build a stronger team but better people, able to maintain their physical and mental health for years to come.

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Think Athlete Wellbeing is important?

Hear from our Founder.

Founder of Sport Yogi, Lewis Hatchett, is available to present to your team or club to tell his own experiences from professional sport, mental and physical health and the importance of wellbeing in sport.

About Lewis

From an injury-ridden pro to injury-free performances. Learn more about Lewis and hear about the inspiration behind Sport Yogi →

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