Like to think outside the box?
Mindfulness, yoga and breathing exercises for athletes and teams.
Breathe, think, move better

Gain an edge over your competition by introducing the SportYogi App to your players. Allowing them to prevent injury, learn mindfulness techniques and conquer anxiety and stress around sport. Watch your results soar with a happier, healthier team that’s ready to win.

Player Availability
How are you supposed to gain promotion with your star striker injured for three months or your top wicket taker is restricted to bringing on the water? Avoiding injuries and increasing your players’ availability is vital to your team achieving success. Our flexibility, mobility and recovery routines will keep your athletes on the field.

Tighten the focus of your athletes through mindfulness and meditation. Understanding the mind to build confidence, self-talk and positive habits.

Stress & Unhappiness
Help your players avoid pre-match nerves, stress and general unhappiness both on and off the field. No team has got anywhere without a happy dressing room and team spirit! Our mindfulness, breathing exercises and wellbeing focus will provide a huge boost in every corner of the dressing room.
Upgrade your team’s ability to move with mobility, flexibility, balance and strength training to compliment your training routines.
Mindfulness builds a better understanding of yourself and your communication with others, creating more successful and connected teams.
How it works
Teams & Clubs

With no contracts, no minimum period and complete control on how many of your players are using the app, it’s never been easier to start improving the physical and mental wellbeing of your team.

Simply, choose how many users, select a monthly or annual plan and receive your unique code to be used straight away. And hey, there’s no harm in extending it to the coaches and management!


Determine number of places

Determine the amount of places you think you may need. From experience, not everyone is up for this sort of thing. Around 20-30% uptake is about standard. So if your team has 100 players then 20-30 places to start with will work. You can always purchase more!



For maximum flexibility, you can choose to pay for your team’s places each month and cancel anytime.

For maximum savings, you can pay for a full year and get an additional 20% discount. There’s no contract or cancellation fee for either plan, so you can start and stop whenever you’d like.



Once payment has been made, we’ll send you a code to distribute to your team for the number of places paid for.

Determine possible costs.

5-30 Subscriptions

Monthly: £6.99 user/mo

Annual: £56.25 user/year*

30-100 Subscriptions

Monthly: £5.99 user/mo

Annual: £53.99 user/year*

100-500 Subscriptions

Monthly: £5.49 user/mo

Annual: £51.25 user/year*

*save an additional 30% with an annual plan

Revenue Opportunities

Here at Sport Yogi we offer the chance to generate revenue opportunities for your team, by spreading our positive message far and wide. Introduce our App to your team’s wider fan base or community and receive a percentage of the income. Many clubs use the income generated to help build for an even better future. Just be prepared for a very healthy bunch of fans supporting you next season! 

If you are interested in finding out more about this unique opportunity, get in touch with us today.

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