Mindfulness, meditation, yoga and breathing exercises for athletes and teams.

No fluff. Simple to use. Simple to understand.

Building Good People and Great Athletes

Put your student-athletes in control of their own physical and mental wellbeing by giving them personal and unlimited access to the Sport Yogi App. Allow them to prevent injury, learn mindfulness techniques and conquer anxiety and stress around sport.


Unfortunately, injury is the biggest roadblock for sports people who don’t quite make the grade. Many young athletes’ bodies are developing at a rapid rate and it’s vital they avoid long injury layoffs to allow them to keep working at their chosen sport. Our flexibility, mobility and recovery routines will help to keep your athletes in play.


Tighten the focus of your athletes through mindfulness and meditation. Understanding the mind to build confidence, self talk and positive habits.

Stress & Unhappiness

Whether 5 or 50 years-old, managing failures and setbacks is a fundamental part of being successful in both life and sport. We use our professional expertise and experiences to help athletes deal with the hardships which inturn will help them appreciate the successes. Mental wellbeing is just as important as the physical health of any athlete.


Many of your young athletes can be feeling anxiety, nerves and self confidence issues. Channelling that pressure, and owning it, can be a powerful tool to unlock any young athlete’s potential both in and out of the sporting arena. Our mindfulness, breathing exercises and wellbeing focus will provide a huge boost. 


Upgrade your team’s ability to move with mobility, flexibility, balance and strength training to compliment your training routines.


Mindfulness builds a better understanding of yourself and your communication with others, creating more successful and connected teams.

How it works

With no contracts, no minimum period and complete control on how many of your students are using the app, it’s never been easier to start improving the physical and mental wellbeing within your school.  

Simply, choose how many users, select a monthly or annual plan and receive your unique code to be used straight away. And hey, there’s no harm in extending it to the staff themselves!


Determine number of places

Determine the amount of places you think you may need. From experience, not everyone is up for this sort of thing. Around 20-30% uptake is about standard. So if your team is 100 then 20-30 places to start with will work. You can always purchase more!



For maximum flexibility, you can choose to pay for your team’s places each month and cancel anytime.

For maximum savings, you can pay for a full year and get an additional 20% discount. There’s no contract or cancellation fee for either plan, so you can start and stop whenever you’d like.



Once payment has been made, we’ll send you a code to distribute to your team for the number of places paid for.

Determine possible costs.

5-30 Subscriptions

Monthly: £6.99 user/mo

Annual: £56.25 user/year*

30-100 Subscriptions

Monthly: £5.99 user/mo

Annual: £53.99 user/year*

100-500 Subscriptions

Monthly: £5.49 user/mo

Annual: £51.75 user/year*

*save an additional 30%

5 + 5 =