So I just turned 30 recently and knowing what I know in sport and exercise, it’s a big moment. Because at 30 your body begins to slow, putting on muscles becomes harder, repairing injuries begins to taper off.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Only a couple of weeks ago I tore a quadricep (rec fem for those interested). I was struck in a game which damaged the tissue, tightening up areas around the thigh until in training where I felt the ominous miniture ‘pop’ as it went.

Knowing my body, I was able to pull up before I did any further damage.

I stopped immediately and went into injury recovery mode.

I know, from experience, that muscles tears take from anywhere between 2 weeks – 6 depending on severity. I knew I was the shorter end of this scale.

I went to see a physio who diagnosed it but also said I had caught it very early.

Fast forward 2 weeks and I just played a full competitive game again this weekend with no issues (other than the odd cramp).

So how was I able to recover so well?


One, because I did all the right precautions as soon as I injured the muscle. Ice, compression, began gentle movement within 48 hours.

But also because my body had been here before. I’d torn muscles (lots of times) before and recovered quickly. My body knew what to do.

When you train in the gym, out on the practice field. You aren’t just training your body to improve physically for the intended goal. The underlying gain that you get is that you body understand how to repair, it does it again and again. Breaking the tissues and repairing them.

Your body remembers.


I’ve been training since an early age of around 14/15 years old. And now at 30 I am benefitting from all that work.

I can see very clearly, in people that I work and have worked with, the difference of whether they have trained, cared for, disciplined their physical body.

I owe this recovery, the awareness, the understanding, the feeling, the protocols due to having experienced pushing my body to places where it’s broken. To understand my edges, the warning signs, when to pull back, when to rest, recover, regenerate.

Without the experience of investing in my body from an early age, I would not be reaping the benefits now. And I intend to continue for a while.

So how much are you looking after your body? It can look a magnitude of ways, run, swim, bike, walk, yoga, golf, football, tai chi, dance but one thing is for sure. The sooner you begin to look at training your body the more you’re saving in the bank to payout later in life.