Having suffered back problems for a few years this app has really benefitted from managing the pain.


I’ve always wanted to stretch more and commit to recovery after gym/sport sessions. I’ve never been able to find the right place to guide me…UNTIL NOW


I’ve been so impressed with this app and have recommended it to all my professional athletics group.

Luke Wright Testimonial

The Sport Yogi app is great for helping improve my flexibility, something that I’ve neglected as a player before but so glad I’ve begun. It’s so easy to get started and to follow along to, great for all cricketers and athletes alike.

Gloria Hooper Testimonial

I’ve seen major improvements in my mobility and flexibility since I started working with the app on a daily basis. These improvements have translated into quicker times on my runs as well, I dropped a tenth of a second off my PB in the 100m and I know there is still...