James Bracey Testimonial

The Sport Yogi resources has transformed my thinking and approach to cricket. Things like the separation between my self-worth and performance, using breathing to aid my preparation and my mid-game and post-game routines and most of all the value of being mindful and...

Lewis Taylor Testimonial

I have been using Sport Yogi for the past three months now, I can honestly say that I can’t believe how much it has helped me. The biggest thing I have noticed is by just doing regular breathing exercises each night how much better and easier I sleep. I would highly...


This app has everything you need to properly look after your body to ease those aching days and prolong peak performance!


I’ve been working with young people in sport for over 10 years and the content in this app fills the void of mobility and suppleness exercise available that don’t ask the user to embark on a deeply spiritual journey.


A must-have app for anyone who competes in any sport at any level.