Success Story: Burgess Hill Town FC

Burgess Hill Town Football club’s 1st team saw an improvement with recovery, sleep, anxiety, confidence and more. The Isthmian League South East Division realised the benefits of the Sport Yogi app after signing up to the Sport Yogi teams that started with a visit from founder Lewis Hatchett.

Breathing exercises, meditation and yoga for football

Football Physical, Mental and Emotional health.

Having introduced the team to some simple physical yoga-based movement to improve flexibility and recovery, Lewis introduced the players to breathing exercises and even a simple meditation.

Was it easy? Of course not. Sports teams can be cynical with these methods and sometimes push back. This team was no different, the idea of becoming a zenned out monk on the pitch was what the players were expecting, but didn’t found it to be a different experience.

Lewis introduced simple warm-ups and recovery followed by breathing exercises for recovery, focus and nerves.

However, having been a professional athlete himself, Lewis opened up about some of the mental challenges he had faced on and off the field.

On asking the men squads for a show of hands to the question “Who here feels anxious/nervous?”, sure enough, there wasn’t a hand down after.

When asked, “who thinks flexibility/stretching is important to football” another show of hands. Yet when asked “who takes the time to stretch/recover effectively”, not a hand in sight.

This confirmed the fact that we know that there are issues yet some athletes aren’t taking the time to gain control of their wellbeing, especially their minds.

The methods introduced were to lower levels of anxiety, physical, mental and emotional stress, which studies show is a key to improving confidence, focus and awareness under pressure in sport.

What they say.

Sport Yogi and Burgess Hill Town FC partnered to offer the first team squad access to the Sport Yogi app through our Sport Yogi Teams packages.

Providing a low-cost wellbeing resource that provides the players with tools and techniques to use in their own time, 7 days a week.

After 3 months of using the app, the feedback has been incredible from the players and staff, take a look at what they have been saying.

Lewis Taylor, Captain

I have been using Sport Yogi for the past three months. I can honestly say that I can’t believe how much it has helped me.  The biggest thing I have noticed is by just doing regular breathing exercises each night how much better and easier I sleep.

John Rattle, General Manager

Our first-team squad and management team have enjoyed both the mindfulness and physical help Lewis and the Sport Yogi provides. We have no doubt that the squad have benefited from it and would have no hesitation in encouraging all clubs to work with this offering.

Martyn Box

This app has been a massive help with my mental health with such a great range of exercises from different breathing techniques to how to build confidence from within. Sport Yogi is a fantastic app that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Meditation & Yoga for Athletes

Sign your team up for as little as £4 per player per month and provide a wellbeing solution that works with for you players, not against them.