For the extraordinary athletes

Become a Sport Yogi ambassador and lead the way in your sport.

The Sport Yogi Ambassadors program allows athletes to spread the message of wellbeing, positive thinking and physical health among your community.

Perhaps you already practice mindfulness, yoga, breathing exercises and have a passion for athlete mental and physical wellbeing. Or maybe you love the message and want to help spread the word!

We’re always looking for positive influencers to spread the Sport Yogi message.

When looking for Sport Yogi Ambassadors we seek out individuals that have a proven interest in sport and wellbeing. When considering an Ambassador we require that your social accounts must have a minimum 10k followers on Instagram or high engagement on any given social platform.

Lifetime Access

Ambassadors gain lifetime access to the Sport Yogi App that allows them to start, maintain or boost their current practice.

Positive impact

As an Ambassador of Sport Yogi you are creating an opportunity to lead your community into a better way of training and living. 

Recurring income

Becoming an Ambassador allows you to earn from sign-ups. The more people you turn to the app, the more you earn.


For ambassadors that really have a passion for this lifestyle. Options to create content for social media, series or sessions on the app are available.

How it works

Once you’ve applied, we review whether you’d be a good fit for the Sport Yogi brand and if successful, we will get back to you with the next steps and options available.

How To apply

Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you.

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