Sport has the power to change lives

Why Sport Yogi?

Sport Yogi provides a platform for athletes to build and maintain their physical and mental health through techniques and methods that were seen to be for the super flexible or uber spiritual.

Not anymore.

Now more than ever our bodies, minds, resilience and drive are being tested. It requires us to not only go inward but be ready for action when the opportunity arises.

Sport Yogi is for those who understand the connection between body and mind.

Who is it for?

Athletes from fun runner to full time professional.

The Sport Yogi App is designed for athletes of all abilities that want to improve not only their performances but their everyday lives too.

Whether you’ve got an inflexible frame (like most of us) or want to develop your mental game, the Sport Yogi sessions are to guide you in your own time.

How does it work?

Sign up to the app for free and receive 50+ sessions to start with.

Upgrade your subscription to access all the movement, meditation, breathing exercises you could want.


Improve Sleep

Reduce injury risk

Develop flexibility

Boost strength

Recovery faster

Fatigue less

More efficient


Beat Nerves

Boost confidence in performance

Improved self talk

Manage failures better

Improve your skill execution

Drown out distractions

Regain focus under pressure

Mindfulness for Athletes

Take your mental game further by using mindfulness as a tool to clear the mind of distractions. Allowing you to focus on the positives of your game. 

Yoga without the fluff

No need to join the ashram here. This is taking elements of yoga, flows, mobility training, strength and flexibility training to compliment your training routines.

Train your mind

Visualisations, mantras, goal setting, the key to your success will be determined by the strength of your mind. Sport Yogi offers sessions for athletes to use in their own time.

Notifications Daily

Motivation, tips and advice sent to you daily to help you stay on top and accountable for your practice. 

Less Aches

Take care of your recovery with session that will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to go the next day. 

Breathe Easier

Breathing exercises that are designed for performance and wellbeing. Unlock the secret that other athletes aren’t yet.

Positive performances

Build a positive frame of mind around your performances and future. 

More availability

Don’t spend another moment sidelined unnecessarily in your future training and competitions.

Teams & Schools

We’ve created an opportunity for teams and schools to sign up your athletes to Sport Yogi.

Showing that you have their wellbeing in mind, we offer a range of option that can be tailored to the size of your team.

Meet Lewis

From former professional athlete with injury worries to teaching movement, mindfulness and meditation for athletes to build resilient bodies and minds in sport.