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We believe in:

Being willing to go beyond the ordinary.

Becoming unafraid to Fall, because we have the skills to get back up.

Realising success is more than physical fitness.

Wellbeing is bigger than the sports we play.

Striving for better.

Being good, starts with feeling good.

Sport Yogi is a growing community of athletes, of all levels, that believe in the importance of both physical and mental health.

The mission is simple: to impact sports communities by managing stresses both on and off the field.

Meet Lewis

Born out of his own frustration in professional sport, to then practising and qualifying as a coach and teacher. Lewis Hatchett created Sport Yogi to help athletes at all levels manage the stresses of sport in the body and mind.

Who is it for?

Athletes from fun runner to full time professional.

The Sport Yogi App is designed for athletes of all abilities that want to improve not only their performances but their everyday lives too.

Whether you’ve got an inflexible frame (like most of us) or want to develop your mental game, the Sport Yogi sessions are to guide you in your own time.

Sport Yogi provides a platform for athletes to build and maintain their physical and mental health through techniques and methods that were seen to be for the super flexible or uber spiritual.

Not anymore.

Now more than ever our bodies, minds, resilience and drive are being tested. It requires us to not only go inward but be ready for action when the opportunity arises.

Sport Yogi is for those who understand the connection between body and mind.

How does it work?

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