Lewis Hatchett


“I wanted to take these methods that worked for me in my professional career, that held value but weren’t communicated to the sport world”


Sportsman first,

Yogi second.


“Lewis Hatchett achieved one of the most gloriously defiant careers in the history of cricket…”
ESPN Cricinfo

Frustration to Flexibility

Having been consistently injured during his career, Lewis took the plunge and googled yoga for athletes. Not much came up other than the uber-flexible or uber-spiritual but nothing aimed for a sportsperson.

Having given it a go anyway, the results became apparent going from an injury every 3 months to not a single one in 18 months! 

Fast forward a few years. Lewis’ professional career ends due to injury (no amount of yoga could of stopped it) and the benefits of mindfulness, breathing and meditation helped with recovering his mind. As well as opening up the opportunity to use these tools to manage anxiety, pre competition nerves, anxiety, harness stress and perform when you need it most.

Pro Experience 

Having played at the highest level of his sport, Lewis knows the stresses and strains that the body and mind takes. That’s why he took up methods such as yoga, mindfulness, breathwork to maintain a healthy body. The Sport Yogi app was built to provide all that for you.


No Fluff 

Lewis doesn’t consider himself a traditional yogi. More a sportsman that is changing the narrative and look of these methods to the sporting population.

 “I’m not going to join the ashram, I needed something simple to help my body and mind with the stresses and strains that are being placed on it in sport”



The philosophy of MindStrong BodyReady is built in understanding that to be the complete athlete, it is more than the physical

Sport is played in the 6 inches between your ears

Lewis recognises that sport takes more than the skill and physical movement but everything that goes around it. The preparation, recovery, performing under pressure, emotional rollercoasters, the doubts, fears, excitements and opportunities.

“…I feel great now, my back was hurting before and it isn’t now…the breathing has really helped too”

Denny Solomona

England & Sale Sharks

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Work with Lewis 


Ask Lewis to come to your team to teach these methods that will improve the wellbeing, performance and lives of your team.


Work with Lewis on your own game, physically, mentally and professionally. Plan, execute and review your performances towards your dreams. 


Lewis can help develop a strategy for building a more holistic approach to your team and individuals training programme.