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Simply add it into your daily schedule, complimenting your training routine to boost your entire performance and wellbeing.


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Access to classes, anytime, anyplace on any device.

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No need to be a hippie or guru. No hard to understand lingo that leaves you confused. Simple to follow instructions to help teach you along the way.

Compliment your training

Perfect for adding into your training to help bring out the best in you and your performance.

Less Injury, More Game time

Reduce the amount of time that you spend out of your sport, whether it be through injury, mental health or otherwise. Looking after yourself better, both body and mind.

40+ Sessions in…


Classes designed to build better flexibility in the body, unlocking more strength, improving recovery, reducing risk of injury and tension in the body.


Establishing a strong mindset within your sport and life. Whether it be from building confidence, reducing anxiety, sessions are designed to assist you in maximise your outlook and mindset within your sport and life.


Techniques and sessions to build more functional breathing patterns. Unlocking hidden potential in your sport performance, recovery and wellbeing.


Strength and stability sessions to work alongside to, or separately, from your normal sporting fitness work.


Simple and practical meditations to help create calm and focus during moments during and away from your sport.


Restore the body and mind by releasing tension from training, competition or everyday life with slower paced classes to boost your recovery.


“This morning my back was sore, my hips were sore…now I’m sitting here pain free…I feel like a new man”

Denny Solomona

Professional Rugby, England & Sale Sharks

“I’ve learn’t a lot from following things like your stretches and using it to better my recovery”

Bruno Saltor

Professional Football, Brighton & Hove Albion & Valencia

“This platform is ideal for any level of sportsperson that is serious about improving their body and mind.”

Gail Emms MBE

Olympian, Team GB Badminton

“I just did the hamstring releaser and quad flexibility and I feel amazing!”

Sanjana Santosh

Badminton, Team India



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