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Wellbeing is bigger than the sports we play.


No more tightness

Sessions based on flexibility, mobility and recovery to help lengthen, mobilise and relax those tight muscles.


Sleep better, Recover better

Stretch to relax after a big day that helps you hit the pillow, rest up and start the next day on a winning note.

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Why Sport Yogi?

It’s well known the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation for physical and mental health. But most of what is out there will deliver it in a way that may not resonate with you as an athlete. So we remove the fluffy side to help you get into it early.


The purpose of these practices, isn’t just to build flexibility, strength, focus, calm and more. It’s to gain a better understanding of your body and mind, the connection between them that can help you be not only a better athlete but a better person.


By joining Sport Yogi, you’re choosing to set away from the conventional athletes and become an ambassador for a better sporting experience.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Harness Nerves & Anxiety

Try Meditation & Mindfulness for performance and wellbeing as an athlete to better understand the mind and perform when the pressure is on.

Guided breathing exercises

Just breathe

Choose from a selection of breathing exercises that are designed from relaxing, calming to preparing for a big game.


This app has everything you need to properly look after your body to ease those aching days and prolong peak performance!


I've been working with young people in sport for over 10 years and the content in this app fills the void of mobility and suppleness exercise available that don't ask the user to embark on a deeply spiritual journey.


A must-have app for anyone who competes in any sport at any level.


Having suffered back problems for a few years this app has really benefitted from managing the pain.


I've always wanted to stretch more and commit to recovery after gym/sport sessions. I've never been able to find the right place to guide me...UNTIL NOW


I've been so impressed with this app and have recommended it to all my professional athletics group.


Meet Lewis

From an injury-ridden pro to injury-free performances. Learn more about the inspiration behind Sport Yogi →

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